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 St. Thomas Aquinas Parish 


The CDMF holds two endowments for St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, in Madison.  One endowment supports the parish’s programs and services and the second endowment  supports the priorites of the current Capital Campaign.  See below for more information on each fund.


St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Congregation Endowment





Established in 1958 on the far west side of Madison, WI, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church has grown to nearly 1500 families. With wise planning, the charter members designed a facility prepared to grow.

Today, St. Thomas Aquinas’s congregation joyfully serves a vibrant community.

The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Congregation Fund gives support and assistance to St. Thomas Aquinas congregation’s mission to support Christ and his Church. Donating to this endowment provides supplemental funding for the congregation’s programs and services.


St. Thomas Aquinas Capital Improvement Endowment

The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Congregation Capital Improvement Endowment is part of the upcoming “Make Disciples Capital Campaign.” This campaign has three priorities – to repair and upgrade the current building, to improve the education wing, and to establish this endowment that will provide support for capital improvement needs of the parish in the coming years.

Any gifts made to this endowment will be used for future building and maintenance upgrades following the end of the campaign itself.

Capital Improvement
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