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Types of Funds

The CDMF manages both endowed and non-endowed funds on behalf of Catholic parishes, schools, and ministries. We make establishing a new fund simple. Both fund types allow you to name your fund, define the beneficiary, and outline the intended use of your gift.

Endowment Fund – An endowment is a fund that provides a perpetual source of income.
Donors and organizations identify a charitable interest they wish to support and specify the fund's purpose. 

An initial gift of $25,000 or more is endowed, invested for long-term growth, and the beneficiary receives a percent distribution each year.

Endowments held within the CDMF have up to 4.5% of the fund's 12-quarter rolling averaged total available annually. As the fund grows each year, so does the amount disbursed to the beneficiary. Endowments are a powerful advantage for any organization's financial future.

The initial gift, which may have made an outright impact over three or four years, now has the power to give back for 100+ years. The beneficiary has predictable income from the distribution each year while growing funds for future needs. An endowment is a great way to make any charitable organization more sustainable!

Non-Endowed Fund – Non-endowed funds are intended to be fully spent at some point in the future, but still have the need for long-term investment guidance.  The CDMF can help you review what investment options are best suited to meet your fund’s purpose and timeline. 

Sample endowment and non-endowed agreements are available upon request. Contact us today to learn more about establishing a new fund!

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