Types of Funds

The CDMF makes establishing a new fund simple. Both endowed and non-endowed funds allow you to name your fund, define the beneficiary, and outline the intended uses of your gift.

Endowment Fund – Endowments are created to provide distributions in perpetuity.  The corpus of the fund remains invested while annual distributions continue to provide financial support to the ministry you choose year after year.  The primary focus of the CDMF is to establish endowments.  A sample endowment agreement is available upon request.

Non-Endowed Fund – Non-endowed funds are intended to be fully spent at some point in the future, but still have the need for long term investment guidance.   The CDMF can help you review what investment options are best suited to meet your fund’s purpose and timeline.  A sample non-endowed fund agreement is available upon request.


Contact us today to learn more about establishing a new fund or giving to an existing Endowment or Non-Endowed fund.  

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