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Non-Endowed Funds

Non-Endowed funds provide investment assistance to parishes with the option to fully expend funds.

The Catholic Diocese of Madison Foundation currently holds non-endowed funds for:

Bishop Robert C. Morlino Memorial Fund

Pope Saint John Paul II Cathedral

St. Albert the Great Parish, Sun Prairie

St. Augustine’s Congregation, Footville

St. Joseph’s Congregation, East Bristol

St. Martin of Tours Parish, Cross Plains

St. Olaf Parish I, DeForest

St. Olaf Parish II, DeForest

St. Paul Parish, Evansville

St. Peter’s Congregation, Ashton

St. Peter Parish, Madison

If you wish to contribute to a non-endowed fund, make checks out to the fund’s name and mail c/o

The Catholic Diocese of Madison Foundation, Inc.
702 S. High Point Road,  Suite 223
Madison, WI 53719

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