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Child Feeding Calf

Maier Family Endowment

Rural Catholic Life

The Maier Family Endowment for Rural Catholic Life Fund provides support to parishes and ministries addressing the needs of rural Catholic life in the Diocese of Madison.  This fund was established by the board of directors and friends of the CDMF to honor CDMF's first executive director - Daun Maier, for her service to the diocese and the Maier family for their steadfast example of rural Catholic life.


“Having served as a seminarian and later as a parish priest in our rural parishes, I can attest to the unique economic hardships, social service needs, and spiritual needs among our cherished rural families. They’re the backbone of our diocese in so many ways, with a solid faith life amidst the challenges they face.”  - Msgr. James Bartylla, Vicar General

The Maier Family Endowment strengthens rural Catholic life through grants to parishes and ministries as determined by the Bishop of Madison. 

Maier Grant
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