Heart of Mercy Endowment 

 Diocese of Madison 

The Heart of Mercy Endowment (HOME) provides perpetual assistance to

ministries addressing the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy in the Diocese of Madison. Distributions from the fund enable the Bishop of Madison to support organizations spreading mercy throughout the Diocese. 

Distributions this year will support prison ministry, food pantries, St. Vincent De Paul councils, homeless shelters, addiction and mental health centers, and many other programs responding to the immediate needs of our brothers and sisters.

“Never be discouraged or give way to anxiety, but ever have recourse to the adorable Heart of Jesus.”

- St. Margaret Mary Alacoque


The CDMF staff will be praying for your prayer intentions during the month of July.  

The fund was established at the urging of Pope Francis to memorialize the Year of Mercy, the same year that St. Mother Teresa was canonized. The original name for the fund – the St. Mother Teresa Mercy Endowment Fund, took the holy woman as its patroness.

Having learned that the saint requested that her name and likeness not be used for any fundraising, even charitable works, the fund has been rebranded simply as The Heart of Mercy

"We still very much ask the prayerful intercession of St. Mother Teresa as we endeavor

to grow the endowment in order to provide perpetual care of those most in need of mercy.

But the rebranding encourages us to turn in a direct way to THE Heart of Mercy, the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, from whom we receive the fullness of God’s grace and salvation, and to accentuate all of the beautiful examples of saints who showed His merciful love through their lives and works." - Bishop Donald J. Hying, Bishop of Madison


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Our Vision

To ignite the joy of giving in every heart, every home, and every corner of the Diocese.