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What a great match-up for works of mercy!!
Fr. Chris Gernetzke & Dcn. Michael Pipitone took 1st place and are using their $5K winnings to support a new pregnancy loss and miscarriage ministry!

“The pregnancy loss and miscarriage ministry is being spearheaded by a group at St. Peter’s Parish in Ashton, but the idea is it wouldn’t just stay at St. Peter’s.  It would reach out to others who have experienced pregnancy-related losses including miscarriage, infant death, SIDS, or loss of fertility. It will be a new resource available and we’re excited to see where it goes.”  Fr. Chris Gernetzke.

Fr. Luke Powers & Fr. Tim Mergen teamed up to support Camp Gray Catholic Camp and took 2nd place with a $2,500 prize. 

Each year the Heart of Mercy Endowment (HOME) fund spotlights a saint who exemplifies mercy.  In 2022, we are highlighting

St. Padre Pio, from Pietrelcina, Italy. St. Padre Pio was a Franciscan Capuchin who heard tens of thousands of confessions, comforted the sorrowing, and built a hospital to heal the sick. He performed many works of mercy in his lifetime and is a great example to us of relentlessly serving our neighbors. The teams cooked up some great pasta dishes in his honor.


Each team cooked up their own selection of an Italian dish.

Dishes were judged on taste, presentation, and creativity.  

Check out our YouTube page to see the chefs in action!



Congrats on

1st place!


Supporting Miscarriage and Pregnancy loss ministry

 St. Peter's Parish, Ashton

Cooking Score: 22

Taste: 10

Appearance: 8 

Creativity/Authenticity: 4

Total Score: 68

Votes: 388 

Cooking: 22

*weighted at 25% of total score



Supporting Camp Gray

Catholic Camp 


Cooking Score: 24

Taste: 10

Appearance: 9 

Creativity/Authenticity: 5

Total Score: 53

Votes: 249

Cooking: 24

*weighted at 25% of total score

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