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Learn more about the CDMF

The Catholic Diocese of Madison Foundation, Inc. (CDMF) is a non-profit, charitable organization that receives, manages, and distributes funds to provide perpetual funding for Catholic schools, parishes, and ministries within the Diocese of Madison. These organizations, along with faithful individuals of the diocese, partner with us to strengthen the future of our Church. 

Who we are

The CDMF is here to assist donors in creating a meaningful and lasting impact, one that specifically and generously responds to the Church's call for evangelization. We view partnership with our donors as stewardship in action.

Contact us today to learn more about how we partner with the parishes, schools, ministries, and individuals of the Diocese of Madison.

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  • Make giving easier

  • Serve as long term funding support

  • Protect integrity

  • Adhere to Catholic values

  • Build trust

  • Faithfully and skillfully provide opportunities for giving to the mission of the Church

The CDMF exists to
Together we can do more

Rooted in the Catholic faith, the CDMF fulfills donors’ philanthropic goals through socially responsible investments.

The CDMF offers a way to leave your legacy uniquely aligned with your Catholic values and beliefs. Donors like you can be confident knowing your gift directly supports the organizations of your choosing.


Let the CDMF help you live out your faith and keep Catholic ministry vibrant in our communities.

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