Hathaway Family Tuition Assistance 

Diocese of Madison Parish Schools 

The tuition assistance endowment provides financial support for those families seeking a Catholic education at a Diocese of Madison Catholic parish grade school (K-8). Each year, parochial schools are eligible to apply for tuition grants, which will be distributed based on the greatest need as determined by the CDMF’s Grant Review Committee.

The Hathaway Family Tuition Assistance Fund advocates for the importance of Catholic education in our communities by offering support and making it more accessible for families in need.

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20-21 School Year

We're excited to announce over $27,000 in grants was awarded to assist parish schools in offering tuition assistance for the 2020-2021 school year. Grants supplemented tuition assistance for more than 20 families, throughout the 11 counties of the Diocese of Madison, seeking a Catholic Education for their child. 

 “The grant will especially help this year with scholarship requests being higher.”

- Tanya Horne, Principal of Holy Rosary School in Darlington, a grant recipient

Catholic schools foster the future of our Catholic Church.  A solid Catholic Education fosters virtuous, discerning, and compassionate individuals eager to share the love of Christ. As the fund continues to grow, more grants will help fuel families’ desire to have their children receive a Catholic Education. Each year, diocesan grade schools (K-8) are eligible to apply for a tuition assistance grant to supplement their financial aid to families.

Consider being a part of a family's commitment to providing a Catholic Education for their child by making an online gift to the endowment or mailing a check to: 


Hathaway Family Tuition Assistance Endowment
C/O Catholic Diocese of Madison Foundation

702 S High Point Rd Suite 223

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